Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peyton is 2!

Today our precious little girl turned 2 years old!!  We celebrated with family and friends at our house with a Sesame Street party, fit for any Elmo lover, as Peyton is.  We were so blessed to have another year of so much love shown for one special girl.  I hope she realizes one day how big her circle of love is, and Jeffrey and I definitely know how blessed we are. 

Sometimes I cannot believe I am the mother to a 2 year old.  Feels just like yesterday our planned c-section was underway.  But she is so grown (and sure does act like it, 2 going on 22!)  We have hit the "terrible 2's" in full stride, which happened about 19months and she hasn't looked back!  Peyton is very opinionated and stubborn (wonder where she gets that from?;).  And now she will throw a fit at the drop of a hat.  Though, most of the time it just seems to be in the presence of Mommy and Daddy.  She is good as gold when I'm not around.  But honestly, she really is a good girl, and loves to love on her Momma...we are just going through what every toddler goes through (not being able to get every thought and want across as easy as she wants). 

But back to her party, the theme was Sesame Street.  She loves Elmo but in the past 3 to 4 weeks, after the decorations had already been ordered, she has become obsessed with Toy Story.  We watch one of the 3 movies almost everyday (and on the weekend sometimes more than once).  Now she still gets her playing time in and doesn't stay glued to the TV unless she is tired, but she has her favorite parts and will watch intently then go back to playing (and since it has been so hot and humid outside play doesn't happen as often and more when the sun is going down).  But back to Toy Story...because of her new obsession I felt like her party should have had a Woody and Buzz theme but she loves Elmo still, all the same.  Her next favorite is Super Why!, Wyatt was her first crush I do believe ;)  She got tons of cool toys and books and clothes but her favorite, hands down, was the Woody doll from Aunt Ali.  She is sleeping with him as we speak, adding to her gang of Teddy, Elmo, and Amy Angel (all her night-nights). 

{A separate blog will be devoted to Teddy, who I for sure believe, she thinks is real}

Another highlight of her party was all the kids that came that she got to play with.  I love seeing her interact with other children, it is the cutest thing.  We had many laughs at her and Carter running all over the house screaming and laughing.  They played hard for sure!

We had a great day with family and friends, and can't wait for next year....though it doesn't have to come around too quickly!!