Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harry's Law

So maybe I let TV shows dictate my life too much. Here is another post about one.  But I don't care!

Harry's Law.  This show is so bold as to take the issues and news of today head on and have the opinion of most Americans.  I don't necessarily agree with it's stand every time (ok maybe only once I disagreed) but it is what we wish our government and big business people would hear from us. It says what we want to say..."get a clue!"  Every episode I'm like "yes, exactly".

It's like giving the people a voice in a medium that we know reaches the whole country.  Maybe, just maybe some of those congressmen...or heck even the President watches and realizes it's not just a TV show.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Got to Get this Out!!

First of all, as most of you may know...I want a baby and I want to be pregnant like yesterday.  I really feel like there is something missing with our family (though I love my husband and daughter more that words can express), I know I am supposed to give Peyton a sibling to play with, protect, and love.  She will be the best big sister and is already a little momma.

I've always wanted 2 kids, didn't want them many years apart but also not too close together either.  3 years apart is my ideal, perfect age difference and as of right now we are at that mark exactly.  If I got pregnant this month we would have another August baby.

I hate to complain and whine, and I know how many blessings I have in my life.  AND that it's all on God's time...but I'm getting impatient ;)

On a side note:  I wish it would have happened already because now if it were to happen another summer 3rd trimester would be what I would get.  But beggers can't be choosers lol!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favorite Shows

While Peyton was napping during our "sick day", I got the chance to catch up on my DVRd shows.

First, I'd like to say...what did I do before DVR?  Seriously?!  Must not have watched too many shows or cared.  But now I have several shows I record almost every night of the week.  I have a problem!

Ok but now back to why I'm posting.  I just wanted to share some of my favorite shows.  They will include ones that are on now, and others that come on during the winter or are summer series.

What I'm watching now:
Criminal Minds

How I Met Your Mother

2 Broker Girls

Hart of Dixie

Last Man Standing


New Girl

 Covert Affairs

Up All Night

Harry's Law

CSI: Las Vegas

Big Bang Theory

Rules of Engagement

Secret Circle


Once Upon a Time

Pan Am

Royal Pains

Fairly Legal

Pretty Little Liars

Melissa & Joey


And goodness I know there are more...as you can see I have a problem!!!  But I love each and every one of these shows and wouldn't miss them for the world.  As I said before, THANK GOD FOR DVR!!!