Friday, June 15, 2012

And We Are Still Trying

Boy was I hoping it wouldn't come to this...I was hoping if I just waited it out, it would happen in time.  But that hasn't been the case.  Still TTC baby #2.  Damn you skinny "genes" and hindering my ability to ovulate, ha!  I know, I know it's a hard problem to have right?  Well for me it is.  It's also combined with the birth control I was on after Peyton, and my body just hasn't gotten right since. 

So I have some options.  I could go back on regular old pill birth control to see if that would regulate my system or jump right on to Clomid, the drug that HOPEFULLY helps you ovulate, so I chose the latter.  Let's get this show on the road.  I'm sure it will take more than one dose to get a positive result so I want to start now. 

You can take up to 6 months of rounds of this medication then you have to seek other options with or without it.  I was also given some advice that I should only do the Clomid just 3 months before seeking a specialist. 

Wow...having to go to a reproductive specialist was never anything I thought I would have to do (and I hope not to) but if I have to I will. 

I mean really, remember all the times you were told "USE PROTECTION", "DON'T BE EVEN A MINUTE LATE TAKING THAT PILL"?!  I shake my head at the thought of that lol!

But it is what it is.  We will see where we have to go from here.  To unfamiliar territory. 

I'm hoping this medication does the trick because the emotions I'm going through with this are for the birds. 

I go from one day not caring if it takes a little longer, like it could wait until the summer is over, to wanting to be pregnanct RIGHT NOW.  I know it's a head game and you can't dwell on it but for me when it took so little time for me to get pregnant the first go 'round it makes me question all my choices after I have P.  I keep thinking if I hadn't gone on the Mirena would things be different now?  I know it's not a proven fact that it had anything to do with it but I've done research and asked the questions of the midwife to see that it could be a factor. 

But I digress...

Here is to hoping these little pills make a difference and we end up with exciting news in the next few months.