Wednesday, February 27, 2013

32 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along?: 32 weeks
Boy or Girl:  BOY!! Jacob David :)
Weight Gain: 32lbs

Doctor's Appointments: Admitted to hospital Friday, February 22 for contractions and what I believed to be my water slowly leaking.  Thank God both the amniotic fluid test and the pre-term labor test came back negative.  However, I was there for 6hrs being monitored drinking lots of fluids and ending up with 2 IV bags, one of which had contractions stopping meds in it.  We are fine but it definitely was scary.  Luckily, my regularly scheduled appointment was the following Monday.  My midwife said she really could not explain the "real" contractions I was having and of course to call immediately if they happen again before March 15.  Yes, she told me she can't guarantee when I will have this baby but that if he decides come after March 15 she will not stop labor.  I will be 35 weeks then...which is 2.5 weeks from now.  No Baby Jake...stay put until our due date please.  Momma is not ready.
What's Going on with Momma?: Lots of Braxton Hicks, back and hip ache.  Sleeping is almost non existent.

Memorable Moment: Definitely being admitted in the hospital so early.  Never did anything happen like that with Peyton.  I'll say it again, completely different pregnancy.  You would think I had never had a baby before the way new things are being thrown at me.

Movement:  He literally never sleeps...except at night, which I guess is a good thing.  But he is always stretching, punching and kicking.
What I Miss: Good sleep.
Nursery:  Everything is packed away and all furniture is ready to go, just need to paint and that is happening this Saturday!!
The Big Sister: My poor first born has been so sick for the last week and a half.  Crazy, fever only virus then an ear infection on top of it.  She stayed out of school and day care a whole week and went back to school on Monday.  Jeffrey had to go get her though due to the new sickness of an ear ache.  We are all exhausted: Peyton being sick, Jeffrey not being home at night for 2 weeks, me working and nursing a sick child.  Definitely another reason I went to the hospital.  But Peyton is on the mend finally and is back to my spunky big girl :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

30 Week Bumpdate - The Countdown is on!

How Far Along?: 30 weeks!  Let the countdown begin...10 weeks!!

Boy or Girl:  Proud of the little boy growing big and strong in my belly!

Weight Gain: 23lbs

Doctor's Appointments: Had my 28week check up where I did the 1-hour glucose test.  I passed!  Yay!  Though, I never thought I wouldn't.  It wasn't an issue with Peyton either.  However, I am anemic again.  But other than that we are both doing perfect!  I am measuring 2 weeks behind, but I'm tiny, I'm not going to get but so big.  The baby measures right on point though, he just has very little room to move around...probably why he kicks and punches a lot ;)

What's Going on with Momma?: Getting really tired all over again like the 1st trimester.  That's to be expected in the 3rd but I was hoping it wouldn't happen at the beginning.  I am anemic as well so that also has something to do with it, taking iron supplement now. 

Memeroable Moment: Peyton still loves to talk to Baby Jake and rub my belly.  She now says she has a baby Elmo in her belly and I need to rub her's as well.  Probably the cutest thing in the world.  He is so active now that Jeffrey and Peyton can feel him moving.  It's so special to lay down with Jeffrey and put his hand on my belly and let him feel the boxing match going on in there! :) 

Movement:  Oh the movement.  I will say it again...I NEVER felt this much with Peyton.  I guess she was just so restricted with her umbilical cord and being breech.  As far as I know he is still head down.  I feel I am right on this because I can play with his feet as he stretches and they poke out.  I love doing that...just tickling his tiny foot. 

What I Miss: Alcohol.  Let's just face it.  It's true.  I'd like a glass of wine...or 12.  And a margarita on the rocks would be wonderful.  Go ahead.  Judge if you must.  But you better belive when the kiddies go to bed this spring/summer I will be indulging lol!

Nursery:  I really need to start on this, like yesterday!  Cleaning out the room has been the biggest pain and what is holding up the process.  The changing table, crib, rocking chair and dresser are all in there set up we just need to move the junk and paint.  Luckily I've got several volunteers to help and hopefully make it a one day process!

The Big Sister: She is growing up y'all.  We've gone from toddler to kid.  No turning back.  I'm ready to go on maternity leave not just to welcome our baby boy but to spend time with her too.  To see her with Jake.  She is absolutely, hands down going to be the BEST BIG SISTER there is!