Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I guess for those who don't know me and may stumble across my blog I should introduce myself...

I'm Kay Holt.  First I'm a Farmer's Daughter and grew up in a little town in Southampton Va- Ivor.  Born and bread and still live here on the farm.  Me and my husband just built our home on the family farm and love the country way of living.  I grew up not knowing any better, meaning I thought the whole world was like Cedar Lawn Farms (my family farm).  It's amazing how wrapped up you can get with this way of life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

A Fireman's Wife, that's the schedule that defines our day to day (our marriage works because he is gone for 10, 24hr shifts a month, so I get some me time and we don't smother each other ;).  My husband, Jeffrey, is my hero!  He spends his work hours saving others lives and property, while he risks his own.  He has worked very hard to become the firefighter he is today and I am so proud of him!!  Just like the farm runs in my family, firefighting runs in his.  His dad is a Fire Cheif and most of his friends are either professional or volunteer.  Some ask me if I worry about him while he is on shift, and to that I can say honestly most of the time no because I know he has the best training and in a sticky situation is not going to do anything stupid.  Though, after I get asked that I spend a few shifts really thinking about it and stressing a little.  But every night I do say a prayer for him that he will be safe and come home to me when his work is done. 

Momma, that is my biggest role right now.  Jeffrey and I have a 2 year old little girl, Peyton Belle Holt.  She was born on a hot summer day August 21, 2009.  Peyton is the single most precious thing in our lives and the biggest blessing we could get.  In my opinion she looks just like me, except for a few minor things that resemble her daddy.  But she is her daddy through and through with that, center of attention/goofy personality. We learn something new every day with her and she keeps us on our toes.  She will make you laugh at all the silly things she does, but also boil with anger at the mess she can get into.  Peyton is such a loving little girl that really loves her Momma and Daddy...but no one hold a candle to her granddaddy's, Pop and PaPaw.  Her other favorite things are swinging, running and jumping, Toy Story, Super Why, Elmo, coloring and reading.  We are dealing with the tail end of the terrible 2's and starting to potty train so we don't get much of a break but we wouldn't change it for the world!  We hope to add another to our brood soon and have that child be lumped into the biggest blessing in our lives, our children.

Now on to me persoanlly.  Boy am I a pistol!  I am stubborn, head strong, opinionated and can hold a grudge.  But on the flip side I am emotional, so compasionate, big-hearted and loyal.  Half the time my husband wants to strangle me (and same goes for him haha), and the other half he can't get enough.  My family and friends mean the world to be and I will be the first one to speak up, if needed, when someone does them wrong...or shout their good news for the world to hear.  You either love me or hate me...I have learned.

"Dancing Backwards in High Heels"  That is what my day to day life feels like sometimes.  In the Kenny Chesney song he sings of the woman being everything to everyone...and that I am!  At work I'm pulled in every direction without a break and the work doesn't end when I get home to my second job.  However, like the song, I am so thankful to be able to just be me with my husband when the day is through.  Another thing I take from that title is that I LOVE to dance and LOVE high heels!!  So it's a two-fer ;)


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