Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Post While the Ladybug Naps

I am home today with Peyton because she is sick.  She has had a cold with fever since Saturday.  I feel so bad, she hardly ever gets sick.  Selfishly, I hate the circumstances, but I'm so glad for the quality time I've spent with her today.  We have cuddled and watched her favorite shows/movies.  And I only had to scold her twice ;)

Here is a recent picture of her...

Future model? ;)

Well September is here and I'm so glad.  The middle of September when if finally starts to cool off through my birthday (January 6) is what I like to call "My Season"...and it is my favorite.  It includes all of fall and some of winter and all the best holidays of the year.  I am obsessed with home decor for "my season" and probably have too much.  But it evens out because I don't have any for spring and summer.  I love this time of year for several reasons: autumn color of the leaves, FOOTBALL, cool and crisp weather, sweaters-scarves-and boots, harvest time, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, fall festivals, family gatherings, and the warmth and love it brings.

And speaking of September me and my fireman have an anniversary this month.  No it's not our marriage anniversary (which is March 8, and we have been married 3yrs) but our dating anniversary, September 22nd.  I cherish this one more (and wanted to be married on the day but it didn't work out).  I like it more and make a bigger deal out of it because it's a HUGE part of my life.  You see this year we will celebrate 11yrs together...that's a long time considering we are only 27.  It's your typical cliche high school, football player and cheerleader romance. (Almost makes you want to gag!)  Started dating at 16yrs old and though we have had our ups and downs as every couple does, I am thankful we got it over with before marriage and when I took those vows I knew for CERTAIN NO QUESTIONS ASKED that I would be with him the rest of my life.  We had already tested ourselves and came through.  God is on our side and see our love as a bond made by Him, lived through Him. 
Us on our Wedding Day

One of my favorite pictures of us, that I obviously played with ;)

I love my hubby so much and am so glad to be celebrating 11yrs with him. 

 A most recent picture of us, taken by The Cotton Wife at Warthan Farms Photography


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