Saturday, October 1, 2011


My daughter's name is Peyton...my favorite NFL team, the Colts...their QB's name is Peyton Manning.  Coincidence?  Well yes and no.

Many people believe that I named Peyton after my quarterback, not true.  This aggravates me - as well as being accused of jumping on the bandwagon after their Super Bowl win, I was wearing my Manning jersey during the game people!

So here is the clarification and explanation on this subject.

Since I was 14 or 15 I knew I wanted to name my little girl Peyton (if I was blessed with one).  It's just one of those things teenage girls do...pick out their future children's names.  They may or may not change when the time comes and in my case it didn't change.

When I picked out that name it was mainly a boy's name (and there weren't many of them), so I thought that it would make a really cute girl's name.  And I was right ;)

Now how did I come to like that name?  A family friend of my grandparents' is Peyton, and he and I share a birthday!  From the first time I really thought about it, I fell in love with the name...and so there I would be convincing my future husband to love the name to for our future beautiful little girl!  I'm proud to have her share a name with someone who meant so much to my grandparents and my birthday partner :)

Now to my football team....the QBs name is why I like the team.  Yes it is as simple and as superficial as that.

One day while at Jeffrey's house back in high school there was a Kenny Chesney special on CMT.  As some of you may know Kenny went to the University of Tennessee and so did Peyton Manning.  So during this special where he was having a concert at the college he brought Peyton Manning on stage.  At the time he was a rookie for the Colts.

My whole family is a Redskins fan, and that's the environment I was raised in.  But I just didn't like them...maybe because they weren't that good or maybe it was their colors.  I just wanted to find my own team.  So when Manning came on stage with one of my favorite country singers and it sank in that his first name was Peyton...I was hooked, a Colts fan for life (and maybe the colors,royal  blue & white, had something to do with it too because that's what I'm used to...SA and DUKE).

So yes I picked my football team because of the QBs first name but I didn't not name my daughter after him...just a happy coincidence :)

{and if our next child is a boy his name will be Lucas....yes we have already thought of the One Tree Hill parallel and we don't care!  We both like the name and it is one of Jeffrey's favorite shows!}


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