Friday, January 20, 2012

The Homestead and My Birthday

Last Friday (Jan. 6) I took off work, for my 28th birthday - damn almost 30, and headed to Hot Springs, VA to The Homestead - a spa and resort, with my husband and best friends Sarah and Alex.  Four hour road trip with them...knew it would be interesting and fun, and I was not let down. 

That started off the weekend of constant laughter resulting in my abs hurting even two days after (nice workout - seriously). 

We arrived at 5:30pm right at the end of registration.  We were going to The Homestead for a Virginia Association of Fairs conference.  It was a great excuse to tag along with the 3 of them who are on Southampton County's Fair Board and have a cheep weekend at a place we could hardly afford otherwise.  Walking through the front door I thought I should have brought my hoop skirt and petticoat.  It is a magnificent place that still looks like the time it was built, 1766 (and no Sarah that is not the address lol!).  Upon pulling up to the door we learned of the free valet service for the car and free bellman services to get our bags out of the car and deliver to our rooms.  All we had to do was check in!  And tip the gentlemen of course.  I have never been to a place so fancy. 

We went to our room changed clothes and met everyone from drinks at one of the suits where one of the vendors were set up.  FREE drinks I may add ;)  After social hours hour we went to dinner at one of the local restaurants on the main street of this little town.  I was surprised by birthday cake and song.  We then went back for more drink and socializing with friends.

Saturday we explored the resort and found that the ice skating we wanted to do (on the outdoor rink) we free for VAF guest - another check in the awesome box. Not only was that event free but lift tickets for skiing were as well - score!

Saturday night we went to the showcase of artists performing.  It was a wonderful variety of talent and a lot of fun.  We met Cooter (mechanic on Dukes of Hazard) who now has his own band and is the lead singer.  There was also a country act there called Redhead Express.  They are a group of redheaded sisters who are phenomenal!  Each one sings and plays an instrument.  They will be recording soon and are touring now in Florida.  If you get a chance to look them up on Facebook, do. 

The night ended with the regular hilarity and good drunk times we always have together.  Those stories are probably better left unpublished!

Sunday we came home to our beautiful little girl who we missed so much and watched some football. 

My birthday was definitely a success!!!

*I have been waiting to post this with pictures but I didn't take any with a camera other than my phone, and really haven't had the time to upload.  So here it is nontheless!*


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