Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Friends

Best friends, girl friends, BFFs...whatever you call them, every girl needs at least one.  Well I am lucky enough to have 2 (that aren't included in blood family - Jamie Lynn and Jennifer are classified as family BFFs in my book but they have to love me because we are family lol).  Sarah Davis (Gray), Shades of Gray, and Ashley Johnson (Fowler), Keeper of the Cheerios.  I put their married names in parentheses because they will always be their maiden names to me, as I know I will be Kay Pulley to them...or Kay Marie ;).

I count on these girls for everything.  They are my go to when I need a sholder to cry on, to vent, share a laugh, or just a random text from my random self about something off the wall.  I've been through ups and downs with both of them but in the end each of them remain my best friends. 

I'm posting this because sometimes we don't take the time to thank our friends, we may say on Facebook or Twitter "I have the best family and friends ever!" or something to that affect, but we don't take the time to really thank them for being a friend.  For having our backs.  For telling us when we are wrong.  For praising us on accomplishments.  For being crazy together. 

Well right now...the beginning of 2012, I would like to tell you ladies Thank You and I love you, and in the words of the Golden Girls "Thank you for being a friend!"

Side Note: My husband Jeffrey is also my best friend but he doesn't fall into the classification of a girlfriend ;)



#1--- I tried commenting on this when you posted, but my phone didn't have me logged in or some crazy stuff. You know I'll always be here when you need me. Any time. Any where. We have definitely been through a lot, but you've always been a best friend. Thank you for being here for me as well and being my best friend! Also, I love that little girl of yours like she's my own, and I'm so glad that you allow Alex and me to be a part of her life. You're such an awesome Mom and Jeffrey is an awesome Dad. I hope that God blesses you both with another baby soon! Love you bunches! :) <3

Kay Holt

So I just teared up...love you bunches as well! And I will give up that second child to make it so you have your first. I wish I could wave my magic Harry Potter wand (lol) over you and Alex and it would happen :) Of course I want another baby but when I pray at night I want Him to give you that blessing first! And I would have it no other way with Peyton...y'all are basically her Godparents (and really I should make that offical). She loves you both too. In her words "I wanna go see Sarah" :)


I just teared up myself! :) We should so make that official! We would be honored! I pray that God blesses us both at the same time so that we can go through it together. But, even if he blesses you first (bcuz I have issues) that will be just fine with me because it'll be like it's me. :)


I love you both! I loved reading this post, because it is so true! I do not know what I would do without both of you girls! You are both amazing women, who I am proud to call my best friends! :)

Kay Holt

I love you too Ash!!

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