Monday, February 6, 2012

A Funny Little Story

Yep another post about Peyton.  Sorry I love her and the kid cracks me up, and the things she does or has me doing is comical!

This particular tale is about food...her favorite past time.  The child thinks about nothing but food 24/7.

On the mornings where I have to take Peyton to the babysitter, I get her up, clothed, brush her teeth, do her hair then if we aren't too crunched for time she sits down for breakfast (otherwise she just eats at the babysitter's who always has breakfast prepared).  Most mornings I give her a cereal bar because they are fast and easy, and she loves them. 

Each morning when we leave the bathroom I say "Ok, you ready for something to eat."  Of course her answer is yes and she climbs up in her chair.  I fix her milk and bring her the cereal bar.

On the weekends we go a little more in depth with the breakfast meal.  Pancakes, waffles, cinnamon buns...you know the usual.  Also I try to give her the choice as to what she wants.  These conversations for a couple months would lead to meltdowns on both our her part.  I would ask  "What do you want to eat?" and she would say "I want something to eat." I would then say "Yes baby but what do you want?" and the response would get louder each time with the last being a scream of "I WANT SOMETHING TO EAT!!"

I didn't get it.  Why was she having a melt down?  I was giving her perfectly good options for breakfast.  It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I figured out her frustration. 

She wanted a cereal bar.  How did I not know that's what she wanted?  Because she called them "something to eat".

*yes...yes this really happened, so sue me



That's hilarious!! Thank you for sharing! It made me giggle. :) Love y'all!

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