Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to My World Daddy & Peyton Update

So as a mother of a 2.5 year old I have experience the terrible two's millions of many times.  At home, in public...it doesn't matter, they will pitch it when ever they feel like it.

However, in my house hold Daddy has not experienced a terrible 2 tantrum in public by himself. Granted the days he's off work and has her at home he's be involved, but it's a whole lot different when folks are starting at you.

Normally, if she has a public tantrum it's with me alone or when we are all three together and we can team up on the situation (really mommy diffuses it then daddy swoops in and looks like the good guy as he coddles her).

But yesterday....oh yesterday, Daddy got a taste of Mommy's world.

Started out as a grand Daddy/Daughter day...a little trip to Lowe's then the playground.  Well that's where it happened.  At a playground full of parents, judging...or maybe just some sympathizing (I hope). 

Daddy was ready to go and get lunch...our precious angel was not.  She started to scream (side note folks: I'm telling this second hand from what the hubby told me, but I'm sure there isn't much that could be exaggerated) at the top of her lungs, kick, hit and throw herself to the ground.  He scooped her up, hitting and all and went straight to the truck where she proceeded to freeze into that position, you know the one where you can't get them in the car seat...yea that one.  It took him 20mins and a pop on the behind to get her in the truck to go.

As he is telling me this story I can't help but laugh because so many times I have been there...but he is pissed.  Really pissed.  He can't believe she acted that way with him.  Well babe, it happens to the best of us!  All I could say was welcome to my world...and I hate it for him but secretly I'm glad it happened so he knows my exhaustion when we come back from somewhere and I say "never again until she's 10" ;)

Now on to the update.  Peyton can now give herself a bath. 

Yes. She goes to our bathroom that has a garden tub where the faucet handles are the old fashioned kind and easy to turn, turns the water on, pours the bubbles in, strips down and crawls into the tub.  (and as of right now the hot water does not get real hot coming to that tub, which we are getting fixed but is convenient, so no I'm not letting my child get scoulded and she only usually turns on the cold side - AND I go in there a minute after she starts the process)

Genius I tell you, genius!

**Sorry for the most random post on the planet but just had to share both stories!


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