Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Week Bumpdate

I'm so excited that with this pregnancy I have a way to document other than Facebook.  I love the idea of "Bumpdates" and wish I did them with Peyton.  So along with documenting this pregnancy I will also share stories of my first, with Peyton, just so I can compare and also have a record of my first born :)

How far along? 7 weeks

What I'm craving?: Mushrooms…omg mushrooms.  I want to saut√©’ them every night.  And each meal I cook has to have mushrooms in them!  Also, chocolate milk.  I’m always a fan and drink it most days but now that is multiplied by 10…I NEED a glass before I go to bed!

Funny/Memorable Story Of The Week:  Peyton told me “Look at me Mommy (as she sticks her belly out), I got a baby in my belly too.  Can you kiss my belly, kiss the baby?”  I laughed so hard. 

Weight Gain: Seriously I think I’ve gained 4lbs.  What the what?!!

Doctor Appointments: Have my first official appointment September 7.  Things have definitely changed at my OB office since I was pregnant with Peyton.  They don’t want to actually see you until 8 weeks.  The first consult is done over the phone by the nurse. 

I’m actually kinda glad because last time I found out so early, just like with this pregnancy, that when I got my blood drawn my HCG levels were low (I had no idea really how far along I was when I got the positive test with P).  And because of that they thought I was going to have a miscarriage.  I was told to stay home and rest as much as possible and call my midwife when I started bleeding and go straight to ER. Thankfully, nothing like that happened, and come to find out my levels were just low because I came in so early.  At 6 weeks they did an ultrasound to show how far along I was and they were all shocked that it was just 6 weeks.  I went in at first at 3 weeks. 

Work Out Regimen: Workout?  What’s that?  No seriously, after my doctor’s appointment I will get to doing a some light abdominal work outs and keeping up with squats.  I really don’t want my body getting to far out of control. 

What's Going On With Momma?:  This pregnancy is sooo different from Peyton’s.  I guess already having a baby, being cut open, and (ahem) not working out as much as I should has lead to me showing a little earlier this time.  I mean that grace period of bigger boobs and flat tummy are gone and it sucks lol!  I’m not ready to show yet because showing now just makes me look fat, humph. 

I thought I was exhausted last time…boy was I wrong!  I didn’t know what exhausted was until this 1st trimester.  Definitely having another child to run around after will wear you down faster and more. 

Oh the many times a day I pee.  Yes that has come full force.

Boy or Girl:  Have no clue yet but we will find out.  I don’t even have a inclining of what I think we might have yet, not momma instinct.  Though I was wrong last time so I guess I shouldn’t trust any gut feeling I may have before we find out haha!

Sleep:  Like a rock until the last couple nights when I have been waking up to pee, then can’t get back to sleep.  I’m hoping this subsides for awhile, and starts soon.

Movement: None.

What I Miss:  Not missing anything yet.  Though, I know I only have a month or so of being able to sleep on my stomach. 

What I'm Looking Forward To: This 4 days weekend.  3 days at the river then taking off to take Peyton to her first day of preschool.  Sigh, she is growing up too fast!

How Baby’s Growing: Size of a blueberry, according to all the pregnancy apps I have on my phone, ha!

The Big Sister: Peyton is getting used to talking about the baby and refering to herself as a big sister.  As I've said she also thinks she has a baby in her belly, so I know she doesnt' quite grasp the concept yet but she will once I'm farther along.  I try to bring it up and talk about it everyday just so she remembers and so she can be a part of the process.  

She has been asking for a baby for about a year now, so there is no negative feelings toward Mommy and Daddy bringing another baby home.  

I am so excited to see her with this baby.  I can't wait for her to hold him/her, give kisses, and help out.  She is such the "little momma" anyway that I know she will want to be hands on and I will encourage it.  My biggest fear is her feeling neglected or left out.  I know I will have many more of these moments and feelings about bringing another baby into our family, so I want her to be as involved in this as she possibly can. 


Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog

Yaaaaaay! I like the Big Sister and How the Baby is Growing! I may steal it :)

Cutie pic!

And I loved chocolate milk with Mia and where I still crave it this go around, not as much as I did with Mia. Yummy!


Haha! Your labels are funny. ;)

I could sautee mushrooms every night if possible, and I'm not pregnant. Ha!

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