Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Want To Do

{writing this post so that I will have it documented when I get that pregnancy brain and can’t remember anything}

As I know it is early, very early, but because this is my second time at this pregnancy thing I am already planning out what I want to happen when it comes to delivering and nurturing this baby. 

Peyton was breech, so she was a scheduled c-section.  I was even convinced to have an ECV, which let me tell you I DO NOT RECOMMEND and it should be outlawed – yes that’s how strongly I feel about this.  It was more pain and nerve wracking than actually having a c-section. 

This time around I want to try a VBAC.  I know some of you think I’m crazy but I want to try to have that natural experience.  Yes my c-section went wonderfully…it was a dream, but I at least want to try vaginal birth.  My surgeon said that everything looked fine while she was digging around in my uterus; (this just makes me giggle) that the only reason it looked like as to why Peyton was breech was because her umbilical cord was tangled and acting like a rubber band keeping her from turning head down.  But everything else, ahem, was in normal working order. 

Starting around 29 weeks I am going to start doing the exercises and frozen pea practice to make sure this baby, if it can, turns head down.  I am determined y’all!! J

Then if I DO have to have another c-section I want to wait longer before I deliver.  I want it to be less than a week before my due date, let the baby bake some more.  Peyton was delivered a full week before my due date, and though I know that happens naturally there was not indication on impending labor - I was not dialated but 2cm when I went in for surgery.  I want to wait as long as medically possible.

Next thing on my list of want-tos is breast feeding again.  I swore after I stopped only 2.5 short months of nursing with Peyton that I would never try again…but here I am wanting to give it another go.  My husband my kill me.  However, I will do things a lot differently.  I will start pumping right after I get on a good schedule.  Hoping since I’ve done it before I might produce more milk.  And I will be introducing the bottle a lot sooner. So then I am not the only one all day everyday after the first few weeks feeding like a cow this child.  And also if it doesn’t work out again it won’t be such a hard transition to bottle feeding exclusively with formula.  I may even supplement with formula if I’m not producing as much as I’d like…but we will see. 

All I know is I will have more of a voice this time around and go with my gut.



Good luck!!!! I know those Holt babies can be stubborn and stay in there as long as you let them:) I had no problem evicting them before they got too big!

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