Friday, October 28, 2011

Peyton Update

Well it has been almost a month since I posted last.  So I thought I'd dive back in.  Really not too much exciting has been happening other than the normal day to day life.  But I wanted to write about what Peyton is up to!

 Peyton is really such a smart little girl, I'm start with that...brag about what she has learned first, ha!

Well at 2 years old Peyton knows almost all of her basic colors, she still has a hard time distinguishing between black and brown in some cases but other than that she knows them all.  She likes to point out the colors of everything and at any time.  Her favorite time in riding in the car, so I Spy is becoming a game we play (but in a simplified backwards kind of way haha). 

She can also count to 10(half and half on her own and with a little coaxing) but sometimes forgets 6.  I don't know if she just doesn't like 6, or feels it is not an important number but poor 6 is the red-headed step child in Peyton's counting.  Solidly she can count to 5 no problem and I hear her when she is playing "Mommy" counting to her toys.  Also, she is getting into recognizing letters and their sounds (I need to give credit to Super Why and Word World for this progress, as I had not thought to start anything with letters other than singing ABCs right now...that's why I love PBS Kids, very educational).  The letter she has down pat is "H" which is convenient since her last name starts with that.  So continue on this track that impresses me of how much she knows, Santa is being asked to bring flash cards, for colors, letters and numbers.

And speaking of things she likes to watch (PBS Kids shows being her favorite included) Peyton is obsessed with Toy Story.  She asks to watch Woody and Buzz every day and sleeps with her Woody and Buzz toys every night.  Also, right now she is on a Cars kick.  Along with Toy Story (like if she gets a "no we have already watched Toy Story" or "it's times to play not watch TV") she will ask to watch Cars, or she asks for them both at the same time.  Needless to say we do a whole lot of movie and kid show watching around these parts!

But when she is not allowed to watch TV or gets bored with whatever is on TV she loves to play pretend.  Buzz, Woody, Teddy [Ruxpin], Amy Angel (her night night), Elmo and her Cabbage Patch baby...well all of her character/animal toys...are treated like her own children. She imitates everything I do with her...meal time, nap time, bedtime, learning.  That her favorite thing to do is play house and to see her imagination is amazing.

She is also very comical.  She will do anything to get a laugh, and gets that from her Daddy! The world is her stage.  And everything is wonderful in her eyes.  She can find a funny moment at any times.  Peyton's laugh is contagious, so the time she takes to entertain us you can't help but laugh with her.  Then there are even the times where she is not trying to be funny but will crack us up!

I can't emphasize enough how smart, beautiful, and loving Peyton is...she is our pride and joy and having her in our lives makes the world a better place. 


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