Monday, August 13, 2012

Shhhh....we have a sercret!

The time has finally come...

we are expecting Baby Holt #2!!!

We couldn't be more exited and relieved.  It's been a long road to get here, a road I didn't travel on the first "go 'round" but God has blessed us with another child.  The last piece of the puzzle to make our family complete.

I found out with an at home pregnancy test Monday, August 6.  I took the first one after lunch in my work place's bathroom (memorable right?).  I waited for the inevitable only one line...but this time, this time there were two!  A very faint test line appeared and I couldn't believe it!  For conformation I took my pee stick to a co-worker and asked her to look at it to make sure I wasn't imagining things (poor girl lol)...and sure enough she said she saw that second line.

I was in disbelief for the rest of the work day, though, the reason I tested was because I had a feeling I was pregnant.  So I spend the next 4 hours planning how I was going to tell Jeffrey. 

When I got home I went straight to take the other two tests in the box, I was only going to take one and leave the other for later in the week (you see when I found out I was only 3weeks 2days, hadn't missed my period yet and wanted to take one the day after it was supposed to come for further confirmation...well I had to buy more ha!) but took them both.  And they came out with the same result...faint test line, but two pink lines nonetheless.

Jeffrey had been working, manual labor, setting up for our county fair all day so I knew he would need a shower when he got home.  So I taped the 3 tests to the mirror knowing he wouldn't miss them.  When he got home we talked and he and Peyton talked about her day, then I asked him didn't he need a shower?  He looked at me confused and said he would go in a bit.  This was torture...JUST GO IN THE BATHROOM ALREADY!!  When he did I followed him with my phone to take a video.  This was priceless as he studied the tests for 30seconds then turned to me and asked what do they mean...I was like are you kidding they mean I'm pregnant!!  He was dumbfounded, asking shouldn't both lines be dark...I told him know they didn't have to be and since it was so early that's the reason why (I don't know why he couldn't remember but we went through the same thing when I found out I was pregnant with Peyton, I was 3w5d with her when I got the BFP).  Then he hugged me tight and started crying...and I did too.  It was so sweet and so loving.  We had been trying for so long...

It was then time to tell the big sister...I told Peyton there was a baby in mommy's tummy and that in a few months she would have her very own live baby to play with at home.  Peyton has been asking for a baby for so long and I teared up while she quizzically asked "there's a baby in your belly button?"  She is going to make the best big sister and the part I am most excited about is seeing her with the baby.  It melts my heart.  Seriously.

We waited to tell...waited to spread the news.  I wanted to actually "miss" my period before we started blabbing it all over the place.  Though when Thursday rolled around I knew I wanted and had to tell my best friend.  First, I tell her everything and second, we were at our county fair where beer is consumed and I knew she would want to know why I wasn't having one hahaha!  We we told our best friends, my #1 and her husband.  But waited still to tell our parents...I wanted to be sure. 

So Sunday night we went to dinner and Walmart then stopped at his parents to spread the news. 

Side story: my mother-in-law had a dream a month ago that my sister-in-law(who is due in due in December) was having a boy and that I was pregnant with a boy but didn't know it yet.  On Monday I found out I was pregnant and my sister-in-law confirmed she was in fact having a boy.  So we are signing my mother-in-law up for the psychic network haha!

Then once we left my in-laws we went to my parents to do the same.  All the grandparents are beside themselves and we are too.  From there I started texting all our extended family and friends sharing our news.

It's such an exciting time telling everyone we are expecting...I love the feeling. 

Also, God blessed me with being pregnant during the winter this time...winning!! ;)

But in all seriousness God has blessed my family with this wonderful bundle of joy and we could not be more happy to welcome him or her into this world to make our life complete.  It is more than I can express in words.  And all I can really do is thank Him.

So get ready for updates and probably some whining about our journey with Baby Holt #2...who is going to make a debut April 20, 2013!


Sarah Gray

I'm so excited!!! :) I'm gonna say it again... best birthday gift ever!!! =D P.S. Jeffrey says I need to be on p's and q's -- that y'all are watching us to see if we're going to be #2's godparents, too! lol

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Babies, babies everywhere! So exciting! Congratulations!!


So exciting!! Congratulations, friend!!

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